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Build your own personal budgeting app with Google Spreadsheets and Next.js

Leverage your programming skills to streamline tracking expenses in a simple app made by connecting Next.js with Google Spreadsheets!

The pain of building nested grids

It feels ungrateful to complain about building layouts in 2022, since CSS has advanced so much, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Simply said: GraphQL

GraphQL has been around for a while, and it managed to establish its strong position in a developer's toolbox. Today, however, we will look at it from a less technical perspective.

#3 Library of the Week: Turborepo

Is the new Vercel acquisition - Turborepo, the answer to the pain of maintaining a monorepo?

#2 Library of the Week: Remotion

We've laughed multiple times at the ubiquity of JavaScript: it's used for web apps, servers, games, electronics... And now, thanks to Remotion, we can make videos with it. Dread it, run from it, JavaScript still arrives.

#1 Library of the Week: Stitches

At first glance, I thought Stitches had nothing on styled-components. It scares me that I was so close to missing this brilliant CSS-in-JS library.

First look at Remix

Created by a great team under React Router veterans Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson, Remix was meant to electrify the front-end landscape. Did it succeed?

<T>, foobar, and other sins of building excessive naming abstractions

Programming is abstract enough in its own right, and yet sometimes we choose to make it even more convoluted. Let's take it down a notch by thinking about how we name entities.

The magic of CSS filter

"Filter" is one of the most powerful properties that CSS gave us. Thanks to it, we can do absolute wonders to images: from turning them b&w, blurring them, to going full Photoshop-style on those hues and contrasts. Allow me to walk you through it.

Integrate E2E testing in your PRs with GitHub Actions & Cypress

Writing E2E tests is easy but building a CI/CD pipeline for them is... even easier?

Up and running with Next.js and Hasura in no time

You just can't walk past JamStack indifferently anymore and this is due to the growth of tools such as Next.js and Hasura. Those two of the biggest players in their respective markets will be the highlight of the today's blog-post, where I will show you one of the fastest and the coolest stacks you can build applications with in the React realm: Next.js + TypeScript + GraphQL + Vercel. You think only knowing React means you will build to-do lists for the rest of your life? I have some news for you.

7 GraphQL APIs to play with

Start your journey with GraphQL by experimenting with some popular open APIs